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Debut Album from Melodic Thrash metallers ADAMANTINE.
A powerful record mixing Thrash Metal with extreme elements from Melodic Death. Raw power riffage, shredding solos and catchy choruses!
An epic journey into our demise!

Written and produced by ADAMANTINE
Engineered by Tiago Canadas at Poison Apple Studios
Mastered by Tue Madsen

Release Date : 3rd April 2012
Label: Allegiance Recordings
Genre: Thrash/ Melodic Death Metal

CD Tracklist
1. Chaos Genesis 08:10
2. Mechanical Empire 05:42
3. Death Comes to Us All 05:23
4. Of Hatred and Immortality 05:34
5. Poisoning the Well 05:48
6. Generation of Saviours 06:10
7. Dying God 07:10
8. Nocturne 05:02
9. The Age of Golden Trees 06:39
10. As the World Dies 07:21

Total Length: 01:02:50